16 September 2011

Making Jam - The Second Attempt

Last time I didn't actually blog about the jam that I made. In my first attempt I tried my hand at blueberry jam but it ended up with a consistency closer to sticky cement rather than jam. It tasted good, but you just had to heat it up before you could even think about spreading it on toast. For the first attempt I used this recipe.

So for my second attempt I was definitely going to try a new recipe and found something with lots of instruction and advice. Check out the recipe I used here (while the page is entirely in comic sans I will forgive the author because my jam turned out!).

This jam adventure ended in much, much, much better results. I was able to make 4 jars of strawberry jam and although I initially thought it was too sweet once it set the intense sugar taste faded a bit - thank goodness!

The kitchen set up - lots of pots!

2 cups of crushed strawberries

Cooling and hopefully setting

A little bit lighter looking from a different angle

Close up - the fruit looks like it floated to the top a little bit

A bit blurry, but it set well (hooray!!)

Crazy jam lady (with post-gym hair)

Omnomnom! It was super tasty!

There will be definitely more jam making in my future, perhaps just with less sugar!

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