14 September 2011

Fabric Fabric Everywhere!

On Sunday I spent about one hour in Fabricville. That's probably more time spent in one store than I ever spend in an entire mall. I actually felt exhausted by the end, but it was worth it.

After many chats with customers and employees alike, putting away all of the boards/rolls that my fabric was cut from and being asked questions by other customers (I thought wearing a purse would indicate that I was indeed not an employee, but I WAY putting things away) I walked away with a ton of fabric for only $40.

The pictures I've posted are roughly 21 meters of fabric...for $40. I'm definitely not an expert when it comes to quilting or sewing but I do know that when you buy materials for a project it seems a little bit of fabric can be quite costly. I am VERY happy I discovered the bargin boards at the back of the store and all fabric was only $1/metre - I was a very happy crafter!

So here is my haul:

The stacks




You can bet that I'll be posting what I make from all of this fabric when I make it. I have plans and I'm really excited!!

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