08 September 2011

End of Summer: SHOES!

I've been hearing a lot of boo-hoo it's the end of summer comments in the last few weeks. With September upon us, waking up to temperatures around 13 degrees (today), and sporting jeans instead of my trusty shorts I can appreciate the seemingly sudden change of pace with the transition into fall. With the actual first day of fall a little more than 2 weeks away there is time to get some last minute awesome official summer-ing in!

One great thing about the change of season is the end of season sale. This goes from clothes to shoes to crafting goods and more. Those three are just areas that I'm familiar with.

That being the case I lucked out on an WICKED sale, I'm talking 70% off, last week. I had been eying up a pair of shoes for as long as I can remember being in Saint John at Manchester Shoes. Seeing a number of sales racks in front on a trip to the neighboring library I couldn't help myself.

The shoes had been in other colours, much too bright for me to pull off so I was extra pumped to see the grey pair, in my size, now for only $35. You can't even get a 'good' pair of shoes from Payless for that cheap!

Here are the grey pair and it's much more colourful friends:


Proud of my purchase (even on my unemployed paying back student debt budget), I am excited to wear them into fall even though they are a spring/summer shoe. Can you imagine them with fun tights? I'm all set in that department so I am good to go.

Now while these shoes were on sale I have fallen in love with a boot that most definitely will not be going on sale. I spied them as a wish list item from a blog I follow: Julie Ann Art. I have to agree, these Frye boots make it on my wish list:


Maybe sometime next spring THEY will be 70% off and in my size...I can shoe dream!

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