11 September 2011

A Crafty Saturday

After a great start to a sunny Saturday I spent some time trying my hand at making fabric flowers. I was inspired after seeing a few different approaches to fabric flowers on Pinterest (which I love SO much).

This is the website where I found tutorial, but mostly used it for approximate measurements of fabric and experimented with a variety of folding/twisting/glue-gunning methods. It worked out pretty well, I have a few ideas for where to use these little flowers: on a pin or a head band, for a little something extra on a wrapped present. I'm sure there are more.

My crafting stations:

Coffee, music, glue gun and fabric

Iron and ironing board set up on the stove,
not quite ideal but it works

After a few glue gunning incidents (my fingers getting stuck to EVERYTHING) I got the hang of the folding/twisting/gluing and managed to make some decent looking flowers:

My first three (left to right) can you see the improvement?

Overexposed end product

Slightly underexposed...I'm working on it

Since I didn't have the pins on hand to make something you can pin on a coat OR a headband I went with fake flowers. I just took skewers and stuck them into the bottom of the flower...tada!

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  1. beautiful! I may have to try these on a headband since headbands are my personal favourite accessory!


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