01 September 2011

Missing Sidewalks - the good vs. the ugly

I took a walk out to McAllister Mall from our apartment Uptown last week, I really don't like the traffic out that way so I thought walking would be a better option. It took awhile, but overall it was an okay walk.

There was however, a section of road that I wouldn't have been able to pass if I was a super strict rule follower. I mean, I like rules and I respect them but this is just ridiculous:

Sidewalks on BOTH sides of the street closed? Really? Is that legal? When complaining about this to Greg he made a very interesting point - would both lanes of a street be shut down for construction not allowing any traffic to go through if it was avoidable? Especially when it's an easy fix to just make one of these lanes into a pedestrian lane...really, it's not that difficult, is it?

I went for my walk on Saturday, Greg and I went to the movies on Tuesday night and both of these sidewalk closed signs were still up. I was hoping it was a temporary fix, perhaps only for a day.

Here is a much better alternative of creating a sidewalk during construction:

Yea, it's not a sidewalk, an appropriate sign has been placed to ensure the safety of pedestrians - IMAGINE! Thinking of pedestrians during a time of road construction - SHOCKING!

Tisk tisk on you Saint John construction crews. I know these construction efforts are for the benefit of the road and the vehicles who drive on them (yes I fall into that category sometimes), but it's necessary to think of other people, those who don't want to drive, or who only have the option to walk when ripping up the road and willy-nilly shutting down pedestrian paths.


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