11 September 2011

Saint John's Second Market

After the first scheduled attempt was cancelled due to Hurricane Irene the Queen Square Market went ahead today with nothing but blue skies overhead.

The Telegraph Journal wrote an article with more info on the market way back on August 28 - read it here.

Greg and I were pretty pumped about the market, it's even closer than the regular market, which is saying something given that's only a 5 minute walk down the street. The Queen Square market was about more than just food, there were crafts, pottery, flowers, a guy talking about compost, and of course lots of fresh veggies - pretty standard. But the idea of the market being in a different part of town where people might not venture is pretty great for the city.

Here are a few things I saw:

Check out his beautiful guitar, and neat-o stands!

How the space was divided up and identified to vendors

Candles that look like food?

I'm not quite here yet, but SJ is growing on me


A few shots to help visualize the space if you're unfamiliar:

That's a statue of Samuel de Champlain
(or Sam de Cham as people call him here)

Wood powered oven for pizzas

My friend Andre got to hold the pizza flipper!!

I hope this market becomes more of a regular thing, maybe next summer? It was great to have it outside, but I have a feeling people might be hesitant to buy into it given the unpredictability of SJ's weather!

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  1. Hello Ali,
    That "beautiful guitar" is actually a bouzouki (on the stand) - originally Greek, but popular for traditional Irish music too. The player's name is Keith, and he's got a banjo in his arms.


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