06 September 2011

Reading is Rad

While I might not be reading books that fill any canons I do enjoy a good read. I recently finished Bossypants and I highly recommend it (if you are a lady that is).

Perhaps your reading style is like mine (lacking focus): a few books on the go at once, each with a movie ticket stub or perhaps the library due date receipt marking my place.

Currently, my page is being held by a historical item, I honestly don't know how Greg's managed to hang onto this gem for 16 years!!!

Both sides, for full nerdery impact

I spied it one day just sitting on the bookshelf and decided it MUST be my bookmark of choice - can you blame me?

All of this rambling does have a point (which isn't necessarily required of one of my posts) I was browsing the ever-so-wonderful craftgawker.com and spied bookmark templates!


If you have access to a printer and perhaps a bit of hefty stock paper then you are on your way to much classier bookmarks...although really they are on the inside of your book so perhaps it doesn't really matter what's holding your place?

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