21 January 2011

Bake Sale!

Our program decided to hold another bake sale to raise some monies for a good cause.

BEd'ers participating in a group meeting AND hanging out at the bake sale
AT THE SAME TIME! Amazing multi-taskers!

I like bake sales a lot.

I like how generous both the people who bake the treats and the people who buy the treats are. It's really quite heartwarming that people are willing to take the time to bake for people other than themselves and for a bake sale that they won't benefit directly from.

I like people a lot!

I also like that I get to eat a lot of different types of goodies that I wouldn't normally try - OM NOM NOM!

However, there is a slight downside to bake sales...when you help to run them, as in my case, there is a HUGE chance that you will consume way, way, way too much sugar and give yourself a hangover type headache. Who knew that sugar could do that to a person? I certainly didn't, I wish my brain clued in that I've learned my lesson, sigh.

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