21 January 2011

A Snowy, Blowy Day

It seems that the lovely fluffy snow that was falling this morning turned into a full-out snow storm by 3PM. With my love of the radar option on the Environment Canada website (yes Greg, I'm actually posting about the radar option - that's how much I love it!) I snooped on this blowy weather and took a screen shot (yup, I'm a nerd):

This was from earlier today, but it still gets the point across, lost of snow!

While there is quite a bit of snow piling up outside here in Fredericton I'm surprised at how much crap is getting thrown at poor o'l Halifax! I'm kind of glad I moved when I did, I should complain about the weather we get in Fredericton when Halifax gets the same thing and then a bunch of rain on top of it. As much as I miss Halifax that's certainly something I could live without.

Remember awhile ago when I posted about the weather and I pointed out how incredibly Canadian it was? Well, you can insert that thought here as well. But really, it has a big impact on our lives so it's important...right?

After the super awesome Bake Sale earlier today I bundled up and trekked home from campus - it was slippery and hilarious. For most of the walk I couldn't see because my glasses were fogged up, so I took them off to "see" but I have zero depth perception without my glasses so you can imagine just how hilarious I looked staggering along the sidewalk.

I did get home safely (so don't worry mom and dad!) and very, very snowy:

At this point I was struggling to see through my glasses
I don't really think this photo does it justice!

A view from BMH (where all of my classes are)

Snowy Tree

A look down my street, pretty good visibility - right?

From the comfort of my apartment such a snowy, blowy day looks pretty. I can't wait to be able to take advantage of all of this snow!

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