21 January 2011

More Adventures in Saint John

Last weekend I visited Greg in Saint John, here are a few of my finds:

Lots of windows - on King St.

An art gallery around the corner from Greg's.
They had people made out of cardboard in their windows!

Zoom in on the sign - very cute

Old building downtown, pardon me...uptown

This requires more than just a picture caption. Greg and I went to the market just for a few groceries and we were wonderfully blindsided by this amazing Turkish woman who fed us yummy food (hummus, breads, tabouleh, etc). We were immediately sold on her hummus and pizza dough shaped/consistency bread and bought it - she actually fed us so much that we ate breakfast later than planned. but who cares because it was all SOOOO good!

The hummus and flat bread we picked up.

3D Union Jack, on Union St. - pretty clever hey?

The owner of this car might have a hoarding problem

3D art that no doubt freaks people out when they walk by

3D art WITH ME!

Art work on King St. I was pretty impressed with these two
gay men parked on a motorcycle - well done Saint John!

This piece I'm not too sure about?
That 'child' looks like a pretty old lady to me!


Low tide

SJ is the new Hollywood

A view of uptown from the Harbour Passage

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