12 January 2011


It seems that a snow storm is currently beating the crap out of the Maritimes. My twitter feed is covered with updates (yes, despite living in Fredericton I keep close tabs on Halifax) about universities and malls closing, miserable road conditions, etc.

I hope precautions are being taken, and people aren't risking their lives in attempts of making it to that 5:30 spin class (or something less ambitious) in hopes of putting their winter tires to the test or just trying to beat the weather. I don't ever see that working.

Here is a view from my window at about 4:30PM:

Fredericton is supposed to get 5-10cm, so it looks like I'm in for a night of wearing sweatpants, drinking hot chocolate and getting caught up on readings. The fact that it's snowy out there hasn't impacted my Wednesday night plans at all - phew.

After writing this post I think it's rather fitting as a Canadian to have a post entirely dedicated to a weather update.


An appropriate sign posted on a house on Charlotte St.

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  1. I love that sign. I makes me wish I had a reason to make such a sign for my house.


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