22 January 2011

Post Snow Storm

I survived - hooray, hooray!

It really wasn't much of a challenge after I made it to my apartment, but hooray anyway.

Bright and early this morning I was bundled up and headed out for a step class at the gym. I think the temperature (according to the most reliable of sources, Environment Canada) was -20 with the windchill.

The view from my front window - a large pile of snow!

A look down my street - it's so sunny!

I was impressed with how wide the streets had been plowed but I'm not used to plowed streets still being snow covered. In Halifax, usually after they are plowed and covered with salt the asphalt quickly comes back into view - not the case in Fredericton, or at least not on my street. I'm definitely a fan of using less salt and it seems there's a lot more sand used here - my boots are very happy about this fact.

On the way back from the gym the sidewalks were in a much better state. One of those little bob cat machines must have come along and cleared the path. But it left pretty high banks of snow on either side, you can get a better idea in reference to this street sign:

The view from my kitchen window is pretty much into the windows of the neighbouring building. But on the building's roof there was some pretty neat looking drifts. I used my super zoom lens and tried to capture their awesomeness. I probably looked like a creep taking pictures out of my window at the building, but hopefully I wasn't caught.

Wave-esque snow

Strata snow!

Teeny Tiny Icicles

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