21 January 2011

Pole Poster of the Day

These posters are not quite on a pole but they are the type of posters that WOULD be on a pole, so they fit into this category.

They are both found on a bulletin board in the building where all of my classes take place. The Julie Doiron poster was also there so it's a pretty stellar line up of posters for a small corner of campus.

Rather than taking separate photos I took one of these two posters since they were so close together. The Olympic Symphonium are playing as part of the Shivering Songs Festival here in Fredericton next weekend. I actually don't know what they sound like (I'll look into it) but they have an excellent poster.

Hey Rosetta's poster isn't super awesome, but Hey Rosetta sure are awesome. So here is there poster. Unlike the last time I tried to see them and even picked up tickets, Greg and I won't double book ourselves by hosting a BBQ on the same night as the show. That was a sad and expensive lesson learned. I'm very happy that the BBQ was such a good time.

In this exciting TRIPLE post of posters, this last one is for an artist who I heard about on Q. I'm not sure if he was a Friday Live Guest or not, but he played some songs and I remember liking them. Also, this poster is pretty darn awesome, I'm not sold on the man in the bottom left corner but he's also featured on Rae Spoon's website. So maybe it goes with a theme?

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