05 January 2011

Christmas Crafting

I like crafting and I like giving people presents. So it makes sense that I give homemade Christmas presents.

It took a little while but I managed to make all that I wanted to. Here are some photos of a few things I made:


To make sure that I could actually make an apron I made one for me first:

I embroidered the first initial into a few of them.

My wonderful family members posing (under a banner I made last year) with their new aprons on Christmas morning!

I made one for my grandmother, my dad, my mom and an uncle.

This is a table runner I made for Greg's parents. It's made with quilting squares and isn't REALLY Christmasy, so hopefully it can be used during the rest of winter.

I used the same technique as I did when I made a quilt, I ironed the backing material up and over and sewed it everything in place to cut down on cutting and sewing. I'm not sure if that's how it's supposed to be made, but it works for me.

The finished product.

I've picked up knitting again and after using handmade dish clothes for many years I realized that I could probably make them. It turns out I can! You just need the proper cotton yarn. I started by just knitting them straight across without any pattern but then I noticed that the dish clothes I had been using were knit on the diagonal.

Straight across dish clothes

The internets showed me this simple pattern and then I learned how to make them properly. I'll never have to buy dish clothes again! Just lots of cotton yarn.

Diagonally knit with a nice little border

Given my love of crafting and giving presents I decided to share this combo with others. My friend Andrew wanted to make a stocking for his girlfriend for Christmas after I told him that's what Greg did for me last year. So he picked up all of the materials and stopped by on a Sunday afternoon and learned how to sew.

This is the final product, complete with tassel and trim!

Huzzah for Christmas and giving me a reason to craft my heart out!

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