23 January 2011

Musical Confessions

It's another catchy female hook driven rap song - surprise!

This time it's by our old friend Puff Daddy, wait - P. Diddy, nope...umm, Diddy-Dirty Money? Geesh! This guy has changed his stage name more times than Prince but at least we can still say all of them.

It's called Coming Home and after some hard research (thanks Wikipedia!) I learned that the female artist on the track, Skylar Grey, also helped to write it with my good o'l friend Jay-Z - no wonder it's a good song.

I don't really get the video, it's just a lot of walking around some post-apocalyptic land. And I really don't get the grill Mr. Money is sporting on his bottom pearlies.

Maybe I'll understand when I'm a rapper.

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