26 June 2010

Busy Week!

My apologies for neglecting my blog over the past few days. Work has been very busy as we are gearing up for camp season. I actually spent all of Thursday and Friday morning spending many a dollar buying camp materials in Bayers Lake. I can't believe I forgot my camera (BOTH DAYS!) as there were a few photo worthy situations - if you can believe that it's possible in a box-store filled business park.

So I'm going to try and recap at least one of these situations sans photo:


I'm a sucker for a Harvey's Veggie Burger. The quality has definitely gone down hill since they first came on the fat fast-food scene, but I just can't quit them.

So as part of my shopping frenzy, I took a lunch break in the Harvey's in Bayers Lake.

I want to point out a few things about Harvey's (at least this particular location) that makes the declining quality of their veggie burgers seem minor:

  1. The vast majority of employees are seniors. It's like they didn't want to fully retire and Harvey's seemed like the environment for them, which makes sense since...
  2. The music they play seems like it should come straight from a jute-box that was around in the 50's. The old timey music mixed with the Bayers Lake position makes for a strange feeling, at least for me. 
  3. At least once during my meal (on every occasion I've been there) an employee has taken a loop around the 'dining room' asking how my meal is and tidying the place up as if their grandmother was to come any second with a magnifying glass for close inspection of cleanliness.
  4. Which explains their extremely clean environment, which goes a long way compared to other fast-food joints. 
 If I had my camera I would have tried to take a photo with the incredibly cute old man who dressed my burger with care like I was his family or something. So it's probably best that I didn't have my camera, since that would seem a bit too weird.


  1. I think we have a Harvey's in Saskatoon.. just one.. inside a Home Depot! Now I really want to go there.

  2. Update: All of our Harvey's closed in 2006 :(

  3. That's a shame Brahm! And it's also bizzare that there was one inside a Home Depot. Inside the Home Depot in Halifax there is a hot dog vendor and there's often one just outside the doors as well - just in case you could resist the first walk by of hot dogs.


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