27 June 2010

Weekend Photo Update

Because what's a weekend without photographs?

A slightly fuzzy snap Greg snagged while I drove around the Common. The Tipi's had lights on them that changed colour, very pretty:

Not too sure what this was. It was attached to a power line pole at Harvard and Allen:

What a fine business ad, but poor phone number placement. At first glance I thought numbers were missing. No? Maybe that's just me:

Backyard flowers at Greg's house:

Breakfast at Stayners wharf in preparation for ship viewing, it seems they like Hollandaise sauce on pretty much everything (they also have a donair breakfast, only in Halifax):

Lady bug, just hanging out on the waterfront boardwalk:

We wandered towards this ship to get a closer look. You can actually get on this one and check it out super up close, however...:

At the end of a very long line up we were greeted by this sign. We waited 30 minutes and were then told that it would take at least 2.5 hours and we MIGHT get on the boat. Those odds were not favourable:

Boardwalk finds (note to self, find out what Cornish Pasties are):

More finds, this time much tougher. His hat says "Touch me and I'll kick your ass". Inviting right? :

Taking a minute for a scratch, or maybe a clean:

Slightly smaller boats. No fighter jets will be landing here:

Oh how nature perseveres; grass growing out of the possible remains of an old dock in the Halifax Harbour:

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