30 June 2010

But Of Course - The Queen!

I think a heading on a cbc article, followed by a comment said it best:

"Queen to kick off tour in Halifax"

The comment went something along the lines of:

"It would be better if Freddy Mercury was alive"

Now while I agree that seeing Queen, the epic rock band would be much more entertaining than The Queen of England Canada, I was still very excited to catch a glimpse.

After missing her short speech (but hearing if on trusty o'l CBC) I was excited when I saw a number of police cars and motorcycles with lights on outside the window of our office. Now while most people would worry about that sort of thing, I realized that the Lieutenant Governor's house is pretty much across the street from the office. 

So Mara and I took off down the street and this is what we saw:

The Queen was unveiling a new sign (to her left) and on her right was Nova Scotia's Lieutenant Governor, Mayann Francis and Nova Scotia's Premier, Darrell Dexter:

This was the swarm of security around the house. There were also people on rooftops of the buildings that surround the house, she's one safe lady:

So after about 3 exciting minutes we got a bit board since there was no mic to hear what was being said and we went back to work. It was a good Monday.

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