30 June 2010

Danny Michel

This is a great week - first The Queen and now Danny Michel!

He played last night at The Company House to an intimate crowd of maybe 100 (I'm horrible at estimating). There was no opening act, and Danny Michel dove into a solo set in a timely fashion.

I was particularly impressed with his loop pedals. He took a minute to explain just what he was doing due to an accusation at a previous show - someone thought he was faking his playing. Oh technology, confusing people all of the time.

The show was great, he played a number of songs off of his new album (out tomorrow), super old songs that the crowd had to remind him of a lyric or two and covered Peter Gabriel's Game Without Frontiers - with a crowd whistle-a-long. Awesome!

I took a few videos, but I just need to figure out how to get them on here. In the meantime you can enjoy this fancy photo - yes, I'm a nerd (thanks for taking the photo Greg!):

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